We are a Consulting Firm in Finance, International Mobility and Trade.

Our Vision

We aim to be a reference in mobilizing technical and financial support, in Africa, in Europe and on a global scale, with a view to contributing to the harmonious development of economic and social activities, to the well-being of populations by 2026.

Our Objectives

1- Stimulate economic activity through the design of project documents, the search for funding and monitoring & evaluation; 

2- Commit operationally to the success of business and/or social programs and projects and professional training;

3- Contribute to improving the business climate and well-being through socio-economic analyzes and the formulation of proposals.

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1- Business Plan design, Business and/or Social Project document elaboration;

2- Seeking of Financement;

3- Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects and Programs;

4- Audit of Companies, Decentralized Local Authorities and Civil Society Organisations.

5- Mergers – Acquisitions;

6- Socio-economic studies, proposals for business strategies and policies;

7- Assistance in the management of entreprises, decentralised local authorities, and civil society organisations.

Wealth Management

1- Assistance in maintening bank accounts for individuals and business;

2- Design of Asset Improvement Plan and Assistance in Marketing of Assets;

3- Assistance in the valuation and management of goods: Real Estate, Vehicules, Production equipment of types including, construction and agri-food;

4- Analysis and proposal for the optimization of health and safety coverages;

5- Proposition for tax optimization, particularly for investment purposes and economy dynamism.

Real Estate

1- Purchase and valuation of Real Estate;

2- Refection and Construction of real estate.

3- Rental Management;

4- Sale of Real Estate;

5- Assistance in the Management of Real Estate.

Data Science

1- Design and Edition of Software aimed at improving productivity and profitability.

2- Website Design, maintenance and referencing.

3- Copywriting and Animation of Websites and Social Networks.

4- Installation and Training of Employees. Maintenance of IT tools (hardware and software).

5- Maintenance of the IT Tool (hardware and software).


1- Training in Economics, Finance, Marketing, Informatics within academic establisments;

2. Capacity building of professionals in entreprises;

3. Personalized training.

International Mobility

1- Assistance in selecting Universities, training centers, seminars, exhibitions;

2- Assistance in Choosing the place of accomodation;

3- Assistance in the purchase plane tickets and insurance;

4- Assistance in the choice of leisure and distraction;

5- Assistance connected with potential business partners (customers, suppliers, private, public and civil society decision makers, etc.)

International Trade

1- Assistance in the purchase and sale of goods and services;

2- Storage of goods and commodities;

3-Import – Export of goods and wares;

4- Realization of purchasing and sales centers;

5- Assistance in finding technical and financial partners, international franchises;

6- Legal assistance in international transactions;

7- Customs clearance and marketing assistance.

Stephane MBATEU Office is based on three main pillars

Designing Projects
Seeking Technical and Financial Partners
Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects and Entities.

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