Stephane MBATEU Business Club (English Version)

I- Definition and Axes

Stephane MBATEU Business Club is a framework for relaxation and reflection which aims to stimulate meetings between social and business entrepreneurs, investors and politicians, experts and academics on three axes:

Axis 1: Identification of opportunities and realization of co-investments, particularly in the strategic sectors defined in the vision of Stephane MBATEU Office at Horizon 2026;

Axis 2: Formulations of proposals aimed at improving economic activity, the business climate and the well-being of populations at various levels: local, national and international;

Axis 3: Co-financing activities with strong economic and social impacts particularly carried out by women, the elderly and lower income segments of society.


II- Plan for the first relaxation and reflection sessions

1- Presentation of each person present, their activities and needs necessary for the stability and development of their business and activities;

2- Presentation of a reflection relating to a theme or concept linked to finance, economics, and/or Business Development, followed by questions, answers and a small debate;

3- Free exchange between participants (brief debate & “speed dating”);

4- Collection of Suggestions aimed at improving the organization and meeting the expectations of participants;

5- Thanks & Encouragements to stay connected and do business with two or more people in the context of either subcontracting, exchange of services/products, or joint growth.


III- Frequencies, Duration and Location:

Frequency: Every first and third Saturday of the month;

Duration: 3 hours, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.;

Location: The Little Crown of Paris; in Courbevoie & Neuilly-sur-Seine;

Languages: Namely English and French.


Remarks :Throughout and after our events, we encourage and promote:

1- The freedom to network, do business with anyone you meet during our events freely and freely;

2- Capturing photos and videos that would be used for communications relating to the professional activities of participants;

3- Making appointments aimed at strengthening exchanges between participants intended to lead to the realization or development of economic activities.


Paris La Défense, February 12, 2024.


— A. Stéphane Mbateu

CEO and Partner at Stephane MBATEU Office


Consulting Firm in Finance, International Mobility and Negoce

S.A.S with capital of €12,000.00 – RCS Nanterre 891 554 156

Head office: 16 Place de l’Iris, 92 400 Courbevoie – La Défense.

+ 33 (0) 1 85 65 81 96 / +33 (0) 6 10 86 48 36.  ;


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