Vision EFA Office / Stephane MBATEU horizon 2026

Update of our
vision, our objectives, our positioning on the horizon
of December
31, 2026, under the « 
MBATEU » envelope

A- Our Vision

We aim to be a reference in mobilization of technical and financial supports, in the view to contributing to the harmonious development of economic and social activities, and to the well-being of the populations.


B- Our Objectives:

1- Stimulate the economic activity through the design of project documents, fundraising and monitoring & evaluation.

2- Be engage operationally committed to the success of business and/or social programs and projects and deliver vocational training;

3- Contribute to improving of the business climate and the well-being through socio-economic analyses and the formulation of proposals.


C- Our Positioning

We are essentially a consulting firm, closer to the professions of project management assistance, investment funds & banks and economics forecasting.

D- Elements of Strategy of EFA Office

I- Specific sectors

1- Electrification and Industrialisation;

2- Transports and housing ;

3- Education and vocational training;

4- Telecommunication and Digitalization ;

5- Financial Markets ;

6- Health and Well-being ;

7- Arts, Culture and Sports.

       II- Cross-cutting Sectors

      1- Innovation and Sustainable Development ;

      2- Public-Private Partnership and Merger&Acquisition;

      3- North-South Partnership;

      4- International exchages;

      5- Assets Management

E- Our targets

1- Companies have better technical skills and visibility, more connections, and necessary funds for their national and international growth.

2- Town halls and public organizations are better informed about the needs of the populations, have a better capacity to attract public and private funding.

3- Investment funds, banks and microfinances make more sustainable and profitable loans while considerably increasing their outstanding loans and portfolios.

4- International Travelers for business, work, sport, art, training and/or tourism reasons have a more pleasant and wealth-generating experience.

5- Individuals improve their financial stability through a better wealth management of their assets, have increasing social well-being and a lasting impact in the community.

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